A Word from our CEO

On an almost daily basis, new media channels are emerging and technological innovation is constantly transforming the way we consume media and information.

Traditional  publishers have been through an acid test in their quest to stay relevant in the digital era, and at the same time social media and new types of media platforms such as apps and podcasts have opened up endless possibilities for brands to communicate with their target audience in new ways. 

Since 2013, Future Media Group has helped thousands of brands in the Nordics by offering groundbreakingmarketing concepts, developed on behalf of, and in collaboration with, media houses of all types and sizes, from the Nordics’ leading news corporations to mobile apps and podcasts. We understand how to turn great mediums into great marketing channels. Please visit “Cases” to read more about our partnerships.

For our partners, the media owners, these concepts create important new revenue streams. For advertisers , our solutions enable new ways to communicate effectively with attractive target groups, in brand safe, premium environments. This is what I would like to call a “win-win-win situation” for media owners, advertisers and audiences.

At FMG, we are always looking for new and exciting partners who we can help create innovative solutions to scale revenue and growth.

/Linus Wennerström, CEO Future Media Group