We are Future Media Group.

We add new revenue streams to your business

Growth hacking the media industry since 2013

FMG has worked closely with several of Sweden, Norway and Netherland’s largest publishers and media companies since 2013 and has been a driving force in helping them create new revenue streams. In recent years, a major focus has been on developing new digital products and media solutions. 

Since 2018, we have expanded our operations to help companies in other industries increase their growth and drive new revenue streams, based on the lessons learned from having transformed the publicist industry. Our core competences lie in marketing, media, content, concept and events.We specialize in creating advertising products that do not interfere with your target group and can be easily integrated into your product or service.

Brands & Partners

We develop marketing concepts together with leading media channels. Doing so, we’ve helped thousands of brands with marketing, advertising, content marketing & campaigns.


Our services for clients

Business Development

Our business development team explores new opportunities, builds strategic partnerships, and drives growth initiatives to expand our market presence and create long-term value.

Contextual Marketing

We employ contextual marketing strategies to deliver personalized and relevant experiences to our audience, fostering stronger connections and driving meaningful engagement.

Reporting and Analysis

Our robust reporting and analysis capabilities provide actionable insights, data-driven decision-making and optimization for enhanced performance and results.

Campaign Management

Our expert campaign management ensures seamless execution and optimization of marketing initiatives, delivering impactful results and maximizing return on investment.


Our dedicated sales team utilizes a customer-centric approach to understand client needs, provide tailored solutions, and drive revenue growth, ensuring mutually beneficial partnerships.

Content Production

Compelling and high-quality content across various mediums, capturing attention, conveying brand messages, and resonating with our target audience. Every story deserves to be told.

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