In 2013 three entrepreneurs from Stockholm decided to help Swedish publishers develop new advertising and marketing concepts

The goal was to connect advertisers with niche audiences, emphasizing value for the target group. Using “contextual marketing”, FMG partnered with media houses to create purpose-driven forums, channels, and campaigns, spanning healthcare, careers, and digital news.

This approach blended objective journalism and commercial storytelling, seamlessly aligning advertisers with their intended audiences for impactful communication. In its first year, FMG satisfied over a hundred clients, prompting a new vision driven by industry demands amidst digital transformation.

This vision aimed to provide comprehensive marketing solutions for smaller to midsize businesses, tied to FMG’s core value of equitable storytelling. Today, our skilled team comprises diverse talents from media and marketing, collaborating with new partners for impactful solutions, including online video, VR platforms, podcasts, native advertising, and innovative print marketing.