The Birth of Preglife

Challenge: Finding a new advertising model
The Nordic’s largest Pregnancy and Baby app, Preglife, decided to explore the possibilities of creating a sustainable advertising model after having been fully focused on user growth and other revenue streams for several years. The focus of Preglife has always been to develop the best possible user experience, in order to remain at the forefront in an increasingly competitive market. Thus, it was a priority to develop an advertising model that creates value for both advertisers and users. As in-app advertising is still a relatively new product for most media buyers, it was also crucial to create concepts with a clear ROI for end customers, in order to quickly gain traction in the market.
FMG’s Solution:
FMG and Preglife developed a Native Studio together that designed a solution for native advertising (sponsored content), where FMG’s experience helped Preglife to develop a product that was able to meet advertisers’ demand for impact, measurability and follow-up.
In order to create value for users (the expectant and new parents), FMG created a concept where relevant advertisers and partners get the opportunity to communicate with the target group through high-quality commercial content, which if necessary is quality assured by a midwife council. The content is created by our team at FMG’s studio, which together with Preglife and the midwives has developed clear guidelines for the content, where the focus is always on creating value and engaging the users – which in turn creates high credibility and effect for the ads.

The cornerstone of FMG:s sales process in this concept is creative idea pitching, which requires advanced knowledge about how opinion forming and influence works within different companies and industries. Therefore the sales teams were built and trained with a focus on these type of business operations.
The partnership with FMG has meant that Preglife has been able to grow their business significantly, and at the same time they had the opportunity to prioritize their resources and focus on their core business. This has, among other things, resulted in it being possible to increase the user base by 50% since the partnership began.