Dagens Nyheter

DN in Almedalen

Challenge: DN’s arena in Almedalen
Dagens Nyheter wanted to establish its new seminar arena in the highly competitive environment of the Almedalen Week, where commercial deals would be one of the key success factors. FMG was approached with the mission to establish collaborations with commercial partners, where the editorial credibility of the arena was of the utmost importance.
FMG’s Solution:
FMG developed a method to identify and process the “right type” of partners – companies and organizations willing to invest in commercial seminars without marketing their own products and services. Instead, the concept is built on DN and partners creating content with high news value for Almedalen’s visitors together. The value for advertisers is the opportunity to influence and form opinion, rather than advertising their own brand.

The cornerstone of FMG:s sales process in this concept is creative idea pitching, which requires advanced knowledge about how opinion forming and influence works within different companies and industries. Therefore the sales teams were built and trained with a focus on these type of business operations.
In the very first year we helped DN grow their seminar arena to become one of the largest in Almedalen in terms of commercial partnerships.